The National Institute of Integrative Medicine, or NIIM, is a not-for-profit organisation, which brings together education and research in Integrative Medicine, as well as facilitating its practice at the NIIM Clinic.

The Three Pillars of NIIM


NIIM is committed to raising awareness of Integrative Medicine in the general and medical communities through seminars, lectures, educational courses and the media. NIIM offers a short course for healthcare practitioners, healthcare support workers and the general public. NIIM is currently in the process of becoming a High Education Institution. For more information regarding High Education, NIIM Publications and More, please view our Education page.


Rigorous scientific research is critical to expanding the evidence base of Integrative Medicine, and furthering its understanding and utilisation in the medical community. NIIM is committed to conducting such research with the support of local and international partners. For more information regarding research at NIIM, please view our Research page.

Clinical Practice

The NIIM Clinic, Australia’s largest integrative medical center, is a leading provider of integrative and complementary healthcare. It offers the best in treatment for everyday ailments and chronic conditions, as well as solutions for optimised and healthier lifestyles. The Clinic houses leading integrative general practitioners,  complementary and allied medical staff, innovative integrative screening tools, and specialised treatment suites. To make a booking today or to find out more, please view the NIIM Clinic page.

What is ‘Integrative Medicine’?

Integrative Medicine (IM) combines orthodox and complementary medicines and/or therapies with a holistic approach, towards whole person care. The aim is to use the most appropriate and safe evidence-based medical approach to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. We need to clarify that integrative medicine is not `alternative` medicine – but `complementary` to current medicine. It is about combining safe and effective complementary medicines & therapies into practice. It incorporates the philosophy of a preventive approach to healthcare and also involves the patient as an active participant in their own healing.

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