The National Institute of Integrative Medicine is a DGR endorsed charitable organisation which brings together education and research in Integrative Medicine, as well as facilitating its practice at the NIIM Clinic.

The National Institute of Integrative Medicine is currently undergoing an exciting new expansion. If you are an Integrative GP or Specialist and would like to be involved, please contact the NIIM Clinic at or (03) 9804 0646.

Jobs: NIIM is currently seeking

Research Business Coordinator

Integrative Nurse (Part-time)


NIIM is recruiting! The NIIM Clinic in Melbourne is expanding, we have a new fully furnished level with NIIM Kids, and General Consulting Suites.

We are looking for Integrative Medical Doctors – including Integrative Paediatricians, established Integrative GPs, Surgeons and other Integrative Medical Specialists!

The NIIM Clinic offers a comfortable, collegiate environment, surrounded by other clinicians and support staff passionate about Integrative Medicine.

If you know anyone who fits this criteria, please send an email with your CV to

We look forward to welcoming you to the NIIM team!