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    Our Mission

    The National Institute of Integrative Medicine aims to bring together teaching, research and practice of Integrative Medicine and its allied activities with the objectives of facilitating improved understanding of the utilisation, safety and limitations, evaluation and development of Integrative Medicine. The Institute is the outcome of many years of expertise gathered from the management of the GSIM at Swinburne University.

    NIIM seeks to achieve the following aims:

    1. To establish quality teaching programs for medical professionals and other allied health personnel.
    2. To contribute to and support the development of an education and a research culture in Integrative Medicine which observes the highest ethical standards.
    3. To facilitate collaborative research into Integrative Medicine, drawing on expertise in Integrative Medicine and in research methodology.
    4. To source funding for Integrative Medicine research and disseminate research findings and to assure students and prospective research industry partners of the highest possible standards.
    5. To disseminate information about Integrative medicine to those involved with healthcare delivery in all disciplines, researchers, regulatory authorities and the public.
    6. To establish a wellness clinic that will provide integrative medical care for optimum health.
    7. To continue building on our existing education and research activities – to further enhance our innovative reputation.

    The primary functions to achieve these objectives are: