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    NIIM Clinic patients please be aware, NIIM academic staff and consultants do not engage in medical practise at the NIIM Clinic, for information on NIIM Clinic practitioners please visit the NIIM Clinic Practitioners page

    Michael Thomsen

    MSc, ND, DBM

    Originally from Denmark, Michael completed studies in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine in Sydney, graduating in 1986. Michael has worked in private practice as a herbalist, and for over twenty years has worked as a consultant to the herbal medicine industry both in Australia and overseas.

    Michael is Medical Director at Global Natural Medicine ( and Principle writer at Prescribe Guide ( - an online database advising on safe prescribing of integrative medicine.

    Michael is the original author of the popular Phytotherapy Desk Reference now in its fourth edition. The book is now also integrated with Prescribe Guide.

    Michael is also Director of HerbResearch (, an international herbal medicine research company with extensive experience in the selection, validation and supply of herbal medicines. HerbResearch has a cooperative relationship with international research organisations such as the Society for Medicinal Plant Research, thus keeping abreast of current developments in phytotherapy.

    Recently he completed a strategic plan for the development of medicinal plants and herbal medicine products in Bangladesh on behalf of the UN International Trade Centre (ITC).