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    Dr James Siow

    B.Sc, MBBS, BCCMT(Netherlands), BCALM(USA), BCAM(USA) FCMT(Netherlands),
    Post-Graduate Certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology by the International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology (Netherlands)
    Post-Graduate Certified in Advanced Longevity Medicine by the International Board of Advanced longevity Medicine(USA)
    Post-Graduate Certified in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

    B.Sc (Psychology & Social Biology) 1981, University of Adelaide
    Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery 1986, University of Adelaide
    Diplomate, American Board of Chelation Therapy 1996
    Post-graduate Certificate in Osteoporosis Management 1997
    Post-graduate Certificate in Diabetes Management 2000
    International Board of Advanced Longevity Medicine (IBALM) Certified in Advance Longevity Medicine 2000
    Diplomate, International Board of Chelation Therapy 2002
    International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology (IBCMT) Certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology 2002

    Medical License:
    Medical Board South Australia, 1986 –2010
    Medical Board Australia, 2011-present

    Registration: GP
    Areas of Special Interest

    • Aesthetic Medicine
    • Clinical Metal Toxicology
    • Advanced Longevity Medicine


    Professional Memberships: Australasian College for Advancement in Medicine (AUSCAM)
    Australian Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy
    Family Therapy Association of South Australia
    Australian College of Herbal Medicine
    International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology
    International Board of Advanced Longevity Medicine
    American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
    Society of Integrative Oncology
    International Society of Cellular Therapy

    Professional Positions:
    President and Executive Director of AUSCAM
    Secretary (IBCMT)
    Chairman- Medical, Scientific, Education and Research Committee (IBCMT)
    Director Centre of Clinical Toxicology and Parenteral Nutrition National Institute of Integrative Medicine
    Director of Research ( Integrative Cosmetic Medicine), Victoria Cosmetic Institute

    Honorary Position:
    Peace Ambassador for The Global Peace Center, Melbourne, Australia.
    Visiting Professor of Integrative Medicine, Co-Joint Faculty of AIAS and Department of Holistic Medicine at the Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica (UNEM)

    Professional Lectures:
    Free radical and clinical nutrition at CDPH
    Free radical and chronic fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association
    Scientific Basis of Chelation Therapy, National Analytical Laboratory Official Launch Endothelins, AUSCAM Conference
    Clinical Aspects of Chelation Therapy, Bettalife clinical meeting
    Clinical Nutrition in the Compromised Patient - The Memorial Hospital
    The Scientific Basis of EDTA Chelation Therapy - Australian College for Environmental & Nutrition Medicine
    Nutrition and Cancer – Natural Health Society
    GlycoProtein Nutrition – Mannatech Inc.
    Neuro Toxicity and Autistic Spectrum Disorder –Autism Association of South Australia
    Clinical Metal toxicology – 5th International Conference on Integrative and Longevity Medicine Taipei Taiwan
    Neuro-toxicology and Neurocognitive Assessment – IBCMT workshop – Philippine College of Integrative Medicine and Homotoxicology, Inc.
    Clinical Metal Toxicology Workshop-Global Warming and the Pollution of the World Water Supply 2nd Asian International Nutrition Conference
    Global Pollution and Its Impact on Human Health. Clean Up Conference , Melbourne.
    Environmental Pollution and Its Impact on Human Health. Inaugural Opening of the Consortiuum for Health Environment and Education Research(CHEER), HKIEd. , Hong Kong

    South Australian Governor Invitation, Ceremonial Opening of Chronic Syndrome Awareness Week.

    Lay Publications:

    • Glycaemic Index of Carbohydrates
    • Fat Contents of Food
    • The Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals.
    • Selenium- Vital Micronutrient Trace Element for Management of Cancer and Health
    • Liver Cleanse
    • Mineral Infrared Therapy


    Clinical Trial Consultant:
    Randomized, Double-blind trial on the effect of EDTA Chelation Therapy on Peripheral Vascular Disease. (Clinical Trial Consultant) Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore.

    Research Completed:
    Collection of an international database on clinical metal neuro-toxicology based on the Integneuro system of The Brain Resource Centre