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Reading material and documentation for patients:

NIIM Integrative HealthCheck – Your HealthCheck Explained
This handy PDF guide ‘Your HealthCheck Explained’ explains in detail everything a patient needs to know about the NIIM Integrative Healthcheck including the schedule, medical testing performed and more.

NIIM – Roadmap to Wellness
The Roadmap to Wellness – a preventative healthcare guide for every body and every mind is the ultimate collaboration between some of Australia’s leading integrative doctors. Written by NIIM’s leading team of Integrative medical doctors, allied health practitioners and medical researchers, the Roadmap to Wellness combines clinical expertise with the most up-to-date research, providing readers with an evidence-based, easy to read and practical guide to health.

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With a team of leading integrative doctors and allied health practitioners, the NIIM Integrative HealthCheck is committed to producing the most accurate results in relation to the state of your health.

Experience the cutting edge in integrative health solutions – exclusive to NIIM.

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