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    Catherine Dunlop

    Psychologist & Life Coach

    B.A Psych, Stats. Grad Dip Counselling Psych., Post Grad Dip Hypnotic science

    Cate Dunlop has worked with complex medical teams counselling individuals and researching outcomes in relationships, anti-aging, psychological resilience and the development of emotional fulfilment in medical centres in the western and eastern suburbs for 23 years. Her goal is to live a long life and assist others to do so with a strong psychological quality.


    Patients can arrange by appointment, a confidential, sensitive and informative counselling service, either privately in a one on one therapy session, couple counselling and/or joining a psychologist facilitated support group. These counselling services are designed to enrich patient’s lives with discussion of personal experiences and skill development in areas such as:

    • Building cohesive relationship dynamics with self confidence and assertiveness in couples, family and social situations
    • Reduction of work stress, improved time management and establishing successful working relations with employers and employees
    • Recovery from relationship separation and divorce
    • Overcoming grief and loneliness
    • Psychological resilience strategies and support for acute and chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular diseases
    • Pain management
    • The psychological management of change in the physical body during menopause and aging.
    • Homosexual, heterosexual, bi-sexual and transgender harmony
    • Sexual fulfilment
    • Decreasing anxiety and phobias
    • Reducing depression
    • Lessening addictions to mask psychological vulnerability with life demands- alcohol, drugs, over-exercising, gambling/ spending, hoarding and eating disorders.
    • Weight management
    • Fulfilling career goals, successful transitions and retirement adjustment
    • Sports performance enhancement
    • Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    The structure of counselling consists of sharing the latest information on the areas of concern, patient reflections of life stories and experiences, questions and answers as well as cognitive-behavioural style homework and relaxation exercises to finish.

    Cate Dunlop is also available for mentoring allied health professionals and G.P's to further their development in successful psychological interventions with their patients.

    Professional Philosophy and Contribution

    Counselling patients to :

    • Understand and adapt to the early conditioning by family and the community to reduce the internal conflict with self.
    • Research profiles and life goals with potential partners to build more fulfilling and healthy relationships.
    • Assess capacity and skills for career suitability, enrichment of life purpose and the sense of contribution.
    • The prevention of adrenal fatigue due to patients’ predicting and then controlling life style negative impacts.
    • Strategise and overcome unexpected life challenges with work, family and health.
    • Build a supportive relationship with self to monitor moods and physical imbalances, so to develop preventative measures with future disease both physically and psychologically based.
    • Work towards de-stressing and de-aging the mind and body thus engendering the optimal health and creative expression of self to lead to longevity and emotional fulfilment.

    Patients please be aware, Cate Dunlop does not provide the service of Medico-legal Documentation for (and not limited to) Centrelink, TAC, WorkCover, Super, Immigration, Legal or University purposes.


    • B.A Psych
    • Stats. Grad Dip Counselling Psych
    • Post Grad Dip Hypnotic science
    • M.A.P.S
    • A.H.P.R.A


    • Australian Psychological Society
    • Psychology Board of Australia

    Consultation Times and Fees
    As of May 2015, Catherine Dunlop consults on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays until late, for details on appointment availability and the schedule of fees please contact the NIIM Clinic Reception on (03) 9804 0646.