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    Exercise Physiology

    What is exercise physiology?

    Exercise physiology is the practice of prescribing physical activity for the treatment, management and prevention of health conditions. An exercise physiologist assesses your health and movement and can structure a program of cardiovascular, strengthening and stretching exercises to help you achieve optimum health.

    Who can benefit from an exercise physiology consultation?

    Exercise physiology is appropriate for a wide variety of conditions

    • Athletic performance
      • Improvement of training and performance
      • Support in competition training
      • Management of fatigue or illness issues
      • Optimisation of balance between training and recovery
    • Weight loss and metabolic conditions
      • Individually tailored programs to maximise fat loss
      • Improvement of muscle mass
      • Exercise programs to shift stubborn weight
    • Chronic musculoskeletal conditions
      • Exercise and stretching program to support healing
      • Exercise program to maintain appropriate exercise during times of injury
      • Individually tailored advice on injury prevention
      • Post-surgery exercise and rehabilitation support
    • The elderly
      • Falls prevention programs
      • Exercise program for prevention of bone disease, such as osteoporosis
    • Chronic illnesses that may hinder exercise
      • Patients with fatigue-related disorders
      • Patients undergoing treatment, such as chemotherapy
      • Patients with mental health conditions
      • Patients with a history of heart or lung disease

    What can I expect from my consultation?

    An initial consultation is 60 minutes long, with follow up consultations lasting 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the issue.

    At your initial consultation, your exercise physiologist will assess your body composition and your exercise tolerance/capacity, and, where applicable, will perform a musculoskeletal assessment, and cardio-respiratory risk assessment.

    The consultation will also involve a discussion about diet, lifestyle and any relevant psycho-social issues. Your exercise physiologist will perform an assessment of your past and current exercise and activity programs, and past and current injuries or conditions.

    Your exercise physiologist will work with you to achieve your goals, such as weight loss, management of chronic conditions, and improved fitness and exercise performance. Your individual management program may include nutritional supplements, dietary recommendations, an exercise program, or a falls prevention program.

    Follow up consultations are usually scheduled for 1-4 weeks after your first appointment.

    Practitioners & pricing

    Visit the link below to view practitioner profiles for

    Dr Ian Gillam BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, Dip. Phys. Ed, Cert Bus Manag, FASMF, MAEAESS (ex. Physiol)

    Make an appointment

    To make an appointment for an exercise physiology consultation, please contact NIIM Clinic reception on (03) 9804 0646.