Regional Hyperthermia Clinical Trial

NIIM is proud to be conducting research trials into Hyperthermia, an adjuvant cancer treatment.

Hyperthermia – also referred to as Thermal Therapy – is a form of cancer treatment involving exposing cancerous tissues to high temperatures which may damage cancer cells. The raised temperatures cause minimal damage to surrounding tissues, and heat levels are constantly monitored to ensure the most effective treatment is given without compromising peripheral cells.

Hyperthermia is almost always used in conjunction with other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Some studies have shown that hyperthermia may increase the effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy.

Methods of hyperthermia treatment vary according to different types of cancer growths. For example, local hyperthermia directly applies heat to a small, specific area, while whole body hyperthermia is used for metastatic cancers that have spread throughout the body.

Patient can participate in the Regional Hyperthermia Clinical Trial at the NIIM Clinic in Melbourne, Australia. To be treated with Regional Hyperthermia at our Clinic, patients must become part of the Regional Hyperthermia Clinical Trial.

Becoming part of the Regional Hyperthermia Clinical Trial
Patients need to first complete an Eligibility Questionnaire and then have a personal screening appointment with the Hyperthermia Technician. You will then be advised whether you are eligible to join the Hyperthermia Trial.

Note: Patients please be aware, the NIIM Regional Hyperthermia Clinical Trial is a Cancer clinical treatment trial only.

For patients queries regarding Hyperthermia treatment for other illnesses or disease, please see Hyperthermia Therapy.


To Apply

To apply to become part of the Hyperthermia Clinical Trial please complete the Hyperthermia Trial Eligibility Questionnaire (see below) and send your completed copy to the NIIM clinic by email or fax (03) 9804 0513.

Regional Hyperthermia Trial Eligibility Questionnaire


Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please read the Hyperthermia – Frequently Asked Questions


NIIM Hyperthermia – Patient Preparation Guide

Before your first Hyperthermia Treatment appointment all Hyperthermia patients should read this short ‘Patient Preparation Guide’ View the NIIM Hyperthermia – Patient Preparation Guide

Please be aware that due to appointment availability, NIIM requires a 24 hours notification of any cancellations.


Additional Reading Material

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