One Day Masterclass on Doctors Health – CLINICIANS ONLY Event

Clinicians, join us for a One Day Masterclass on Doctors Health: Building Intra-Personal Resilience

WHEN: Saturday 26 October 8.30am – 5.30pm

NIIM Lecture Theatre
Level 3, 21 Burwood Rd, Hawthorm, Victoria 3122


Join us to engage and learn with like minds, facilitated by Dr Margaret Ngu who has specific interest in Mental Health. She is widely respected and experienced in Transformational Medicine combined with Holistic & Integrative Medicine for more than 30 years. Dr Ngu is has been passionate about personal and group transformations since 1991 and was given the first Commonwealth Grant in facilitating a Mindfulness Based Stress Management project for patients and doctors of the Boroondara Division of General Practice.

The evidence based interactive workshop is a rare opportunity to evaluate and grow intra personal resilience skills which will both enlighten and enliven you, as well as equip you within your clinical practice.

Doctor’s mental health can be improved in many ways (such as workplace support) and building resilience can overcome many risk factors. Evidence suggests that resilience is not an innate, fixed characteristic but can be developed through carefully targeted interventions. Emotional resilience has been shown to be gained by increasing interpersonal and intra-personal awareness. Self-awareness assists with overcoming feelings of being stuck and also can be healing and transforming in itself.

Studies show that attaining self-awareness and creative solutions or directions drawn from a personal experience based process of intuition has a bigger impact than theory-based solutions in Judgments of Learning. This workshop is designed to impart a detailed experience of how combining both conscious and unconscious mental processes best handle complex decisions for complex problems in the seven areas of life. Using these skills can enhance personal health, build resilience and professional competence for clear seeing, emotional stabilisation, self-empowered certainty and direction. Doctors with better health will look after their patients better.

Venue – NIIM Lecture Theatre, Level 3 21 Burwood Rd Hawthorn VIC 3122
Cost – $395

For further information and registration contact:
Dr Margaret Ngu –
Vegetarian Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Teas, all Workshop Materials will be provided

An application for Accreditation RACGP QI&CPD Category 1 for 40 points has been submitted.