CAM and Health Short Course

The Complementary Medicine and Health (CMH) short course provides those working in the healthcare environment (including pharmacy assistants and pharmacists, health store sales assistants, hospital and medical administration staff), as well as the general public, with an opportunity to increase their understanding of the benefits and science of the various modalities of complementary medicine.

The CMH short course has been created by leading experts in integrative medicine, which emphasises the union of conventional medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine to create a complete healthcare model. Integrative medicine incorporates all aspects of health, treatment and prevention, and recognises the importance of patient involvement in personal health.

The course is relevant to a wide range of health professionals and is delivered in a flexible environment to accommodate for those undertaking the program while also working full-time hours. Students are supported by a community of experts in a cutting edge online platform that incorporates video and text material, as well as online assessments and lecturers available for academic support.

A new Short Course in Integrative Medicine for doctors, allied health professionals and interested public is currently under development and will be released at the end of 2017

Course objectives

Upon completion of this program, students should:

  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the evidence base and benefits of the major branches of complementary medicine

Course structure:

  • Flexible, self-paced learning modules
  • Participation completely online with access to video material and lecture topics
  • Year-round enrolment

Unit 1 – Introduction to Complementary Medicine
This unit outlines the principle components of complementary medicines and their applications. The unit introduces health within the context of complementary medicine and includes an overview of the major modalities in this field.

  • Topic 1 – Introduction to Complementary Medicine
  • Topic 2 – Diet and Health
  • Topic 3 – Herbal Medicine
  • Topic 4 – Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Topic 5 – Ayurveda
  • Topic 6 – Mind Body Medicine
  • Topic 7 – Exercise Medicine

Unit 2 – Clinical Nutrition
This unit investigates the role of diet in everyday health, treatment and prevention of disease. The unit includes a detailed look at nutritional compounds and their direct effect on the human body, and guidelines for a healthy diet.

  • Topic 1 – Introduction to Nutrition
  • Topic 2 – Clinical Nutrition
  • Topic 3 – Micronutrients
  • Topic 4 – Antioxidants
  • Topic 5 – Weight Control
  • Topic 6 – Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Unit 3 – Herbal Medicine
This unit explores the structure of the Herbal Medicine discipline, investigating the actions and indications of herbs.

  • Topic 1 – Introduction to Herbal Medicine
  • Topic 2 – Practice of Herbal Medicine
  • Topic 3 – Herbal Medicines 1
  • Topic 4 – Herbal Medicines 2
  • Topic 5 – Herbal Medicines 3

Unit 4 – Dietary & Nutritional Supplements
This unit involves a comprehensive exploration of vitamins, minerals and common dietary supplements and their appropriate usage and functions within the body. The unit also focuses on supplementation needs and how to manage this in a safe and effective manner.

  • Topic 1 – Introduction to Nutritional Supplements
  • Topic 2 – Vitamins
  • Topic 3 – Minerals
  • Topic 4 – Other Nutritional Supplements


Course fees:

The Complementary Medicine and Health Short Course is a full-fee paying online course.

Current fees are:

  • Full fee: AUD $195
  • Concession (students, healthcare card holders, seniors/pensioners): AUD $155
  • Discounts apply to patients of the NIIM Clinic

Registration for the NIIM Short Course are open 24/7, however please be aware that enrolments are processed every Monday and Wednesday