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    The team at NIIM is friendly and professional, with leading Integrative GPs and medical experts committed to producing the most accurate results in relation to the state of your health.


    Focus on Health Creation

    One of the fundamental principles of the Integrative HealthCheck is taking a ‘whole person’ approach to your health. The program includes a variety of cutting edge medical testing coupled with complementary medical screening, to provide a complete picture of patient health.

    Doctor’s consultations and recommendations are based on integrative medical principles such as active participation, nutrition, mind-body medicine, lifestyle advice and follow ups to track and maintain progress.

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    Personal Benefits

    • A personalised and caring approach
    • Cutting edge, up-to-date technology in medical screening
    • A focus on HEALTH CREATION as well as preventing major illnesses affecting Australians
    • An assessment of all major health risk areas
    • No hospital mazes
    • Minimal waiting time, structured to suit the schedules of busy people
    • An integrative approach to treatment
    • Inspiring real-time diagnostic tools and dedicated health practitioners
    • Assurance from knowing your ‘real’ health position for you and your family
    • All proceeds to support an Australian not-for-profit medical research charity

    Workplace Benefits

    Healthy employees are nearly three times more productive than employees with poor health, and employees who are generally unwell take as much as nine times more sick leave (Medicare 2005).

    The Healthcheck supports employees and employers enabling them to create a healthy and productive work environment.

    • Increases productivity among employees
    • Measurably reduces insurance claims and premiums
    • Improves mental focus, clarity, endurance and attention to detail
    • Assures retention of key staff members
    • Improves company morale
    • Significantly reduces absenteeism
    • Increases employee’s overall quality of life, through benefits gained physically, psychologically and emotionally
    • Enhances the appeal of the organisation to prospective employees

    Study Snapshot: Body-Brain Performance Institute & Swinburne University’s Brain Sciences Institute

    Study: Monitoring 40 employees from Melbourne software company SAP in 2011. The trial, which ran from April to June, found a direct link between physical fitness and work participation, with productivity increases calculated at $2,500 per year per employee.

    Study Snapshot: National Workplace Health Index

    Study: A 2011 National Workplace Health Index found that health initiatives at work are important to employees: 79.5% of respondents said they would rather be employed by an organisation that provides healthy living programs and/or support.
    87.2% of respondents declared their workplace to be of only average health or pretty poor.
    83.5% said their overall health and wellbeing is only “okay” or “could be improved”.

    Study Snapshot: Worksafe Victoria

    Study: Worksafe study of 400,000 WorkHealth checks in Victoria (printed 2012). 95 % of the financial industry are not eating enough fruit.
    72% are not doing enough exercise.
    25 % of men tested are at high risk of Diabetes Type 2 – a life threatening but preventable disease.