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    NIIM Integrative HealthCheck

    Welcome to the NIIM Integrative HealthCheck, a comprehensive health assessment designed to help you achieve optimum health now, and in the future.

    Created by Professor Avni Sali and Australia’s top integrative doctors, the NIIM Integrative HealthCheck is the only program in Australia to fully utilise an integrative approach.

    Our clinic combines traditional diagnostic excellence with state-of-the-art integrative medicine to bring you a detailed assessment of your diet, lifestyle, nutritional levels, toxins, digestion, medical history, exercise habits, stresses, environment, and other relevant health indicators.

    Upon completion, you are provided with:

    • A comprehensive medical history and physical examination by specialists in internal medicine and preventative medicine
    • A full range of preventative screening tests for early detection of cancer, heart disease and other serious medical problems
    • A cardiovascular evaluation, including a stress echocardiograph, pulse wave analysis and ECG
    • A lifestyle assessment to discuss nutrition, stress management, alcohol, tobacco, personal safety and other indicators of risk of disease
    • A full report of your test results at the conclusion of the examination
    • Motivation to maintain optimum health and accessibility to ongoing support


    NIIM staff are friendly and professional, with a team of leading Integrative GPs and medical experts, all committed to producing the most accurate results in relation to the state of your health.

    Experience the cutting edge in integrative health solutions – exclusive to NIIM.

    For bookings call Robert or Jacqui on (03) 9804 0646 (option 3) or Enquire Online

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