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    Video Testimonials from satisfied IntegrativeHealth Check patients

    "I am a typical 67 year old male who prefers to avoid all aspects of the medical profession than to engage with it but like most of us, I found it necessary to have comprehensive medical checks as a catch up and a reset of life's compass.

    Over the years I have had a number of major health check ups in and out of Australia and without question, the NIIM program has been the best comprehensive, detailed and importantly, reduced to concise, clear English, while making it deeply personal and providing what I perceived as best alternatives.

    Congratulations NIIM, I will see you again and certainly will be seeking ongoing contact with Dr. Gaze."

    Robert Le Tet – Managing Director, Questco Pty Ltd

    “I believe this to be the most comprehensive HealthCheck program available. The staff are courteous, professional and fun. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in improving or maintaining their health and lifestyle”

    Nathan Sable – Omnigraphics

    "The Integrative HealthCheck is a must for any professional who believes that their output at work and in life generally, directly relates to how healthy they are in mind, body and spirit. The holistic approach and the thorough preparation and follow up meant that everything was explored and explained and the overall feeling was one of empowerment and excitement about a brighter, healthier future.

    I would recommend this to any employer who wants to truly support the overall development of their people and for any person who is motivated to live their best life and wants to be pro active in achieving that."

    Catherine Crowley – Product Development Manager, Swisse Vitamins

    “Dear Robert, Just a short note to thank you & all of the fine staff at the Institute. I really enjoyed yesterday and also found it very informative and also positive for me!”

    Ron Goldschlager – CEO Hermal Group

    “It was a very good experience for me as I have not done something like this before. All put together was very Worthwhile. I now have an awareness of current health issues, and ways of tacking these!”

    Conrad D’Silva – Exports Manager for Scalzo Foods

    “I found it all very useful and am underway in implementing the recommendations re supplements and additional weights in exercise to ward of bone loss.”

    Gaye McPherson – Shepparton