NIIM strives to bring together research, education and clinical practice of integrative medicine to further its use and understanding in the general and medical community. Here at NIIM we conduct research to test the effectiveness and safety of complementary and alternative therapies, and expand the evidence base of nutritional medicines and complementary treatments for the prevention and treatment of disease. Our research projects encompass cancer, heart health, cognitive function, osteopathy, women’s health and other areas.

Current Research Programs

Research at NIIM

What does NIIM Research and Why? What are NIIM’s goals?

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

The NIIM Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), plays a key role in the ethical oversight of research in humans

Research Committee

The NIIM Research Committee is the principal advisory body to NIIM in relation to its research and research training activity

Academic Staff

Talented Academic Staff and Consultants bring a wealth of knowledge to NIIM’s Research and Education departments

Past Research Programs