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    Research Overview

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    NIIM strives to bring together research, education and clinical practice of integrative medicine to further its use and understanding in the general and medical community. Here at NIIM we conduct research to test the effectiveness and safety of complementary and alternative therapies, and expand the evidence base of nutritional medicines and complementary treatments for the prevention and treatment of disease. Our research projects encompass cancer, heart health, cognitive function, osteopathy, women’s health and other areas.

    This is required to:
    • Build the evidence base for the use of complementary therapies independently and alongside conventional medicine
    • Monitor tolerability and safety of complementary therapies
    • Build awareness and recognition of effective complementary therapies in the general public, scientific community and government and funding bodies

    Integrative approaches to health including complementary and alternative therapies can optimise general well-being and prevent disease, which has a major beneficial impact on public health. Integrative therapies may also provide a source for effective treatment of chronic diseases and complement current conventional therapies.

    NIIM facilitates primarily clinical research, and with its strong links to academic institutions has access to laboratory and basic research. Quality research draws on its expert knowledge and suitable resources, and involves the development of study protocols, supervision of research staff and students, project management, interpretation and analysis of results, dissemination through peer-reviewed journal articles, and media releases, and assistance with reporting and regulatory submissions in relation to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

    NIIM has initiated and been involved in several research programs, and aims to become a major provider of research as well as offering grants to undertake research in the longer term.

    Current research programs at NIIM:

    NIIM is currently undertaking the following research programs:


    The National Institute of Integrative Medicine is conducting research trials into Hyperthermia, an adjuvant cancer treatment, for more information visit the Hyperthermia Research Page

    Nutritional Medicine and Heart Health

    Nutritional Medicine is a focus of NIIM's research, NIIM has undertaken research on the topics of 'The effect of cocoa or chocolate on blood pressure', 'The effect of garlic on blood pressure and cholesterol' and more.
    For more details visit the Nutritional Medicine and Heart Health Page

    Breast Orthosis

    The National Institute of Integrative Medicine has conducted a study examining the effects of an external prosthesis on the reduction of load and discomfort/pain through the chest of participants with augmented breasts. Learn more about the Breast Prosthesis study

    Women’s Health

    Menstrual Health

    Currently the National Institute of Integrative medicine is conducting a study into Menstrual Health, to become a part of study or for more information visit the Menstrual Health page

    The effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the management of female infertility

    Published Research

    Brain Health

    Multivitamins and cognitive function

    NIIM is collaborating with Swinburne University on several trials on the effect of multivitamins on cognitive function and mood

    Published Research

    Other Research