NIIM Pathogen Blood Test Research Study

The study has been approved by an NHMRC registered ethics committee, and is registered on the Australia New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry. 

Our current research trial involves innovative blood testing using cytology based microscopy (Part 1), and genetic analysis (Part 2) to isolate and identify Pathogens in the blood. Pathogens include Borrelia bacteria, fungi/mould, or other infectious agents. 

The Pathogen Blood Test may help patients with Chronic Fatigue or Lyme-disease like symptoms. 


The NIIM Pathogen Blood Test Research Trial is done in 2 parts:

Step 1: Patients provide 10 ml of blood for
Part 1: Pathogen Blood Test Screen: microscopy analysis can distinguish between 

  • Normal human inflammatory cells (white blood cells)
  • Atypical human cells
  • Non-human cells,

Part 2: Available, if non-human cells were detected, PCR-DNA analysis can be done for:

  • Specific bacteria & Fungal/Mould infection – further identification by DNA sequencing 


NIIM Pathogen Blood Test

Information for Practitioners and Participants

Participation in the Pathogen Blood Test Study is by practitioner’s referral only. 

For more information and Expressions of Interest

Go to the ANZ Clinical Trial Registry.

Contact the Research Assistants Nikolaj Travica or Ranjini Dorairaj.
P: 03 9912 9580
E: or

Director of Research and Principal Investigator
A/Prof Dr Karin Ried