NIIM Pathogen Blood Test Research Study

NIIM conducts the Pathogen Blood test as part of a clinical research study.

The study has been approved by an NHMRC registered ethics committee, and is registered on the Australia New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry.

Our current research trial involves innovative blood testing using cytology based microscopy (Part 1), and DNA analysis (Part 2) to isolate and identify Borrelia bacteria or other infectious agents in patients.

Do you have Chronic Fatigue or Lyme-disease like symptoms?

At NIIM we have developed a new diagnostic technique involving microscopy and PCR-DNA analysis, which can help with the diagnosis of Borrelia and/or other infections in patients presenting with Lyme disease like symptoms.

The NIIM Pathogen Blood Test:

Patients provide 10 ml of blood for

Part1: Pathogen Blood Test Screen: microscopy analysis can distinguish between

  • Normal human inflammatory cells (white blood cells)
  • Atypical human cells
  • Non-human cells, e.g. bacteria, fungal elements, protozoa, parasitic elements

Part 2: Available, if non-human cells were detected in Part 1:  PCR-DNA analysis

  • Borrelia – all species
  • Rickettsia – all species
  • Babesia divergens group
    Bartonella – all species, optional
    + Fungal/Mould infection – DNA sequencing

What are the costs?

The NIIM Pathogen Blood Test is done in 2 parts.
The costs for Part 1 of the NIIM Pathogen Blood Test (screening/microscopy) is $850 plus $100 for overnight/interstate shipping, if required.
The costs for Part 2 (PCR-DNA analysis) is $250 (from 20.2.2017).
Part 2 is optional in addition to part 1.

Published Results

Pathogen Blood Testing is ongoing.
Publications: 1) Ried K, Fakler P. Rare fungal infection linked to a case of juvenile arthritis. Cureus 2018, 10 (3): e3229


To book an appointment for the NIIM Pathogen Blood test.

Contact Nikolaj Travica
P: 03 9912 9544

Or call the NIIM clinic on 03 9804 0646 and request the NIIM Pathogen Blood Test.


Request forms – Pathogen Blood Test

Please be aware there are seperate Victorian and Interstate request forms, Interstate request forms include an additional express shipping and handling cost.

Victorian Form – Download Victorian NIIM ISET CTC & Pathogen Test Request Form

Interstate Form – Download Interstate (Non-Victorian) NIIM ISET CTC & Pathogen Test Request Form


For more information

Contact Nikolaj Travica or A/Prof Dr Karin Ried, Research Director and Principal Investigator

Contact Nikolaj Travica
P: 03 9912 9544

A/Prof Dr Karin Ried
P: 03 9912 9545