Regional Hyperthermia Clinical Trial

The National Institute of Integrative Medicine is proud to be conducting research trials into Hyperthermia an adjuvant cancer treatment that is widely implemented internationally, including in the USA and Germany. The treatment involves heating the site of tumours to fever-range temperatures using precisely controlled equipment which research has shown this treatment can be beneficial in the treatment for some cancers.

Hyperthermia Machine

Cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy are designed to damage the DNA of the tumour cells, and supplementing these therapies with hyperthermia treatment impairs the ability of the tumour cells to repair the damaged DNA, essentially enhancing the effectiveness of the chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. As tumour cells are far more sensitive to heat than regular cells, hyperthermia treatment causes virtually no damage to surrounding normal tissues. The treatment is focused either on a specific tumour site, or may be given as a whole body treatment in the case of some metastatic cancers.

For more information about the Regional Hyperthermia Clinical Trial including trial eligibility please see the NIIM Clinic – Regional Hyperthermia Clinical Trial page.